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About Art Transfer

Art Transfer Inc. is a non profit organization who constructs brave spaces allowing individuals to explore and expand their artistic talents.  Fostering an environment where the arts can be easily expressed without judgment. In creating these spaces, we provide psychoeducation while allowing the arts to administer healing. It is truly a place where creatives are embraced through their unique media. 

Art Transfer Mission

To improve our community by reconstructing damaged self-perceptions, often implanted from innocuous comments and traumatic experiences, through expressive arts experiences and trauma informed psychoeducation. 

Art Transfer Vision

To help individuals achieve holistic health by recognizing their artistic identity while learning to direct and use this new found talent to maneuver through their negative psyche by CEEing (Creating, Exploring and Expanding) their Brave Space.

Artist in Studio
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Art Transfer Pillars

1. Creativity & Expression:

We foster creativity and self-expression through various art forms. This pillar emphasizes the power of artistic expression as a therapeutic tool for individuals to communicate, explore emotions, and find healing. We do this through workshops, programs, and events. Our goal is to provide a safe space for people to unleash their creativity and use art as a tool for personal growth.


2. Engagement & Support:

Building a supportive community that values mental health and art therapy is KEY. This pillar focuses on creating a network where individuals who have faced mental health challenges can connect, share their firsthand experiences, and support one another. Through support groups, collaborative art projects, and community events, we aim to break the stigma surrounding mental health and build a strong, caring community.


3. Education & Advocacy:

We are raising awareness to affirm the benefits of art therapy regarding mental health. This pillar endorses educational initiatives to inform schools, healthcare professionals, and the general public about the positive impact of integrating art into mental health care. We conduct workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to advocate for policy changes that promote expressive art therapy as a valuable tool for mental well-being.


4. Empowerment & Connection:

Following every experience we provide, our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to be equipped for their next steps. This pillar encourages them to embark on the course necessary for their healing journey. By embracing challenges outside of the comfort zone, essential skills are developed to find or reclaim their voice and transform lives. The emphasis is on creating, but not for the approval of others, instead for personal release, which will foster connection.

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